15 Fantastic Conversation Starters

Networking is so important. But honestly not enough of us do it unless we find ourselves without a job and we have no choice. It’s uncomfortable, awkward and the reason it’s uncomfortable and awkward is because we’re not good at small talk. It’s hard and aside from commenting on the weather we don’t have much to say. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We just put together this list for an event we did with Girl Creative and we have to admit they’re pretty good so we’re sharing them with you here. So read on, pick your favorites and Happy Networking!
Is there someone who has been instrumental in helping you on your career journey? 
What does your dream job look like?
Do you have a mentor?
What do you love most about your current job?
If you could go back and give yourself any career advice, what would that be?
What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about your career that you wish you would have known?
If you could spend a day talking to any expert in your industry, who would that be?
Whats the last new skill you’ve learned?
What’s the last industry/career book you’ve read and would you recommend it?
If you weren’t in your current profession what would you be doing?
What’s the last thing you learned outside of work?
When you look back at your career what are you most proud of?
What activities in your job do you find most rewarding?
When you think of your favorite boss what make them stand out?
When you think of your favorite job what makes it stand out?