Change in the time of COVID

Life and work as we know it are changing rapidly due to COVID. For many of us our work and our priorities have shifted. Some of us are working from home, while taking on a few new roles. Many of us are adding full time child care and school teacher to our list of responsibilities. Others have found ourselves furloughed, anxiously waiting to see what happens next as companies prepare and react as quickly as they can.

In what may feel like a scary and stressful time to consider a new job or what you want to do next your ability to adapt to these changes and prepare for it are key.

So where do you start? Start by figuring out a routine that works for you. Be sure this new routine includes an hour or two for self care and a little soul searching and some goal planning. Having some structure in an otherwise structureless day will give you a sense of control and purpose.

Next step is to define what this looks like for you. Set a few manageable goals to inform your approach and keep you on track.

Once you’ve set your goals think of a few action items you could do to support each goal. And that’s it, you have taken the first step and you are on your way.