Feeling Stuck? Do These 3 Things

For many of us feeling stuck is not a fun or comfortable place to be. Mostly because we don’t know what to do to unstick ourselves. In a world where we feel like we need to have all the answers and constantly be crossing things off our lists and accomplishing our goals it can be challenging for us to take the necessary time to pause and reflect on what’s currently making us feel this way.

Here are 3 things you can do to help unstick yourself.

  1. Take the time to pause and reflect. Really listen to what your thoughts are telling you and write it down. When we give ourselves the necessary time to complete those thoughts, the ones we’ve been too busy to really think about the answer may reveal itself.
  2. Talk to someone about what and how you’re feeling. Now is not the time for action. Remember you’re still flushing everything out. Saying something out loud and getting a trusted confidants opinion may help you understand what’s making you feel this way.
  3. Start exploring your options. The grass is not always greener. Thinking you want something and understanding what that really means can be two totally different things.