Say “I do” to Goal Setting

Let’s face it, goal setting can be overwhelming, frustrating, and challenging to say the least. It can also be exciting, inspiring and rewarding.

So how do you go from overwhelming to exciting when it comes to goal setting? You give yourself permission to slow down and explore what it is that you really want. That means talking about your hopes and dreams, reminiscing about what where you wanted to go and reflecting on what happened to you.

Most of the time it’s because we haven’t given ourselves permission to slow down and really explore what we want.

Now write  down all of your past and present hopes, dreams and goals (yes, even the one about wanting to open your own flower shop). Don’t judge how big, small or silly they are at the moment. Just commit them to paper.

Once you’ve committed all of your goals  to paper,  cross off the goals  that are no longer relevant, and then prioritize and define the rest. Make sure you really want what is left on your list (the more specific you can get, the better). For example, if your goal is to get a new job or to travel more, take it as step further and define that you want a job doing x and y for z company and that you want to travel to Paris in the fall of your next birthday with your best friends.

Now, display your newly defined goals where you can see them. Think fridge, bathroom mirror or anywhere else where you will revisit them often.

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