How to go from I can’t to I can and achieve your goals

What’s stopping you from reaching (fill in the blank here)?

We talk to a lot of people exploring their goals and dreams and their why… They are realizing their need for “something” different. And that realization leads to curiosity (one of our favorite things). However, when the going gets tough it can also lead to “I can’t”:

  • look for a new job
  • follow my entrepreneurial spirit
  • bake that three-layer cake
  • (fill in the blank here)

“I can’t” can be full of excuses, lack of confidence and an inability to prioritize the things to do to start (or re-start) our journey to fulfillment.

When we get a stuck and need to get back on the road to curious, we try different things to get our tough going again and reach our (fill in the blank here). Here’s three of our favorites:

  1. Squash your inner bully: we can be really mean to ourselves saying hurtful things: “I look fat”, “This is way too hard, I can’t do it”.  Would your friends ever say this to you or vice versa? Next time your inner voice starts bullying, turn it around…indulge yourself with kindness instead.  Then keep saying nice things to yourself all day long.
  2. Volunteer: not only are you helping someone else, you are helping yourself. There is a ton of research around this topic, but who needs the research, you know how good it feels and it also helps put things in perspective.  Check out:
  3. Sing and dance: we like to call it a Dance-a-teria.  Put on your favorite music, close the curtains and have a dance party.  Or put on Wii Just Dance (the one in your basement that hasn’t been used in a while).  Or turn the volume up on your favorite tunes while doing the dishes. Just let yourself go. It is pure energy and just plain fun (especially with friends) and we all need a bit of that positive energy in our lives.