Kids Need Goals Too

I sit staring a blank computer screen pondering…while a thousand things come to mind, those ideas don’t feel like the right thing to write about…my computer sits in a bright sunroom that looks out onto our street with sidewalks covered with what seems like six feet of snow. And even with all that snow, we get a lot of foot traffic… as I sit, looking out and continuing to ponder, a group of young people go by… even bundled up, you can tell it’s our next generation because they exude energy, laughing with their big, brightly colored pom-pom hats going down to the lake to skate in 13 degree weather.  And that got me inspired: our young people.

This past week I realized I was inspired by our young people and what our generation has too look forward to with the next generation.  Earlier this week, was the Alpine downhill state ski race. There were eight teams out of the entire state of Minnesota that made it to this grand finale so it is kind of a big deal.  And if you’ve ever watched Lindsey Vonn (congratulations on your beautiful career) it’s a sport of all or nothing. And the nothing comes in the form of painful crashes, slide outs and heartbreak.  These young people and their amazing coaches, spend two months, six days a week day in freezing cold temperatures practicing for this moment. The race consists of two runs. The final score is tabulated by the top four scores from the team of six skiers.  If you fall on either run, your pretty much done, and if two kids fall, it’s likely the team may not place. It’s unforgiving. And this is where I saw resilience. From schools all over Minnesota, these kids have a common bond and could cross over to console each other from whatever school when they didn’t go as fast as they wanted or the skid out and fell. I heard them congratulating and celebrate when others tore up that course and shredded it. At the end of that day,  when all the scores were tabulated, our boys’ team placed second and the girls third, nestled in between the powerhouse high schools of the sport. Our teams had never made the podium in the tens of years history of skiing for Minneapolis. One of the senior’s moms hugged me as the medals were being placed around the kids, she said with tears in her eyes, she was having a moment as this had been her sons goal since he started skiing alpine. All this time, effort and an amazing outcome in the Northwoods of Minnesota.  It was truly inspiring.

Kids need goals too, to realize what they need to work towards and persevere to attain them. I hope this helps shift your thinking about possibilities, gives you a little inspiration and if you have kiddos, have a conversation with them about what they want to achieve to get them thinking.