Know Your Audience

“Know your audience” is sage advice for anyone, in anything you do. Whether asking for a promotion, a job, upgrade your seat on a flight or having a conversation with your teenager.  And an important part of that is understanding the difference in our communication styles.

When we were writing our book, we knew it was important to get different perspectives. We picked the most analytical person we knew, who thinks in more definitive terms. And the most creative-minded, who’s free flowing thoughts are not harnessed by typical constraints. As you would imagine, each of these amazing women gave us meaningful feedback, very different feedback, which made it all the more meaningful.  

The next time you are meeting a new connection for coffee, or walking into a job interview or talking with a friend, consider how your communications style might influence your conversations.

There’s a great article on Forbes, by Mark Murphy, with a  link to an assessment. Check it out and have fun.