Reality bites or does it?

Do you ever find yourself wandering with wonderment? The kind of wonderment that takes your mind for a spin on a Tuesday evening after you’ve had your second glass of Malbec. For a second, you’re smiling and wondering about where you are in life and then before you can manage to pour yourself another glass, you’re faced with the reality of wondering how you could possibly unsubscribe from your reality.

We’ll be the first to admit that this is exactly what happened to us. Except we poured ourselves a few more glasses of wine and decided that we weren’t going to accept the things that we cannot change. Instead, we were going to change the things we could no longer accept. This shift inspired our newly found methodology of: think, transfer, and take off.

Think self reflection and discovery

Transform unlock your potential

Take off jumpstart new ideas and sustain that momentum

We wanted to encourage people who were ready to make a change to start the practice of: think, transfer and take off. After many months of applying our newly found methodology, our idea took off in the form of Shift & Spark along with our first book, Gol: a curated guide to the modern day job hunt.

Today, we believe that through words of wine* and wisdom, and focused activities discussed in our book, we can help unlock your career plan and design a strategy to help you achieve your personal and professional goals and live a life that’s nothing short of wonderful.

*Please remember to always drink and blog responsibly

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