Cheers to Résumé Starters

Ready, set, résumé! Whether you’re looking for a new job or giving your existing résumé a makeover, we’ve got easy résumé starters that will have you resuming your job search in no time. So pour yourself a fresh cup of joe and give these five steps a go.

  1. Sell yourself
  2. And action – Google action verbs when you feel your resume is getting too robotic.
  3. Keywords are key:  Research job descriptions and make a list of relevant keywords to include within your resume and cover letter to help you get noticed by the resume screening software.
    • Where did you work, what did you do there and when was it?  
    • To help with some of the specifics, check out your company’s current job description and summarize the job details in your own words.
    • Reference your annual reviews to leverage any metrics you accomplished.
  4. Gather the basics
    • Write down at least 10 keywords and phrases that describe you professionally as the foundation of your summary. This is your chance to put your best foot forward and shine bright like a diamond.
    • Having seller’s block? Send an email to a few good friends, coworkers and confidants, asking how they would describe you
  5. Get your contact info in order:
    • If you traverse the web as “Sexy Sarah in the City”, get a different email for job searching. As fun as they are, unprofessional email addresses are sure to trump anything else about your Résumé.   
    • Don’t forget to review your voicemail, email signature and social media accounts.
    • If there is something you don’t want recruiters and potential employers to see, make sure it’s not on their radar by deleting it or setting certain accounts to private.

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