Your Best Interview Yet!

Do your homework. Interview preparation starts the minute you apply for the job and continues from there. You should spend as much time as you can leading up to the interview learning as much as you can about the company and the people interview you.

Dress for the job. When it comes to the interview dressing for the job and being comfortable in what you are wearing is key to your success. If your pants are too tight, you will fidget and people will notice.

Plan your route. You do not want to make a wrong turn, stress out and be late for the interview. Not a good start.

Practice properly announcing your arrival. Be sure to introduce yourself confidently, include your name, tell the person why you’re here and who you are meeting.

Be prepared for small talk. You never know who you’ll meet or who you will have to talk too so be prepared to fill 10 to 15 minutes with the person next to you or the receptionist.

Practice your interview responses. Even the generic ones because even those will help you get to know yourself and they’re generic for a reason, they get asked.

Make sure you have at least 3 solid questions for them. Please make sure these are not generic questions you could find on their website. 
Have a solid ending. A strong handshake a graceful exit and a polite and positive note.